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Carl Grimes ist eine fiktive Figur und einer der Hauptakteure in der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead. Er wurde von Chandler Riggs in der gleichnamigen amerikanischen Fernsehserie porträtiert. Carl Grimes ist der ehemalige Deuteragonist und ein Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMC's The. Chandler Riggs (* Juni in Atlanta, Georgia) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Bekannt wurde er vor allem durch seine Rolle als Carl Grimes in. Rick Grimes; Shane Walsh; Lori Grimes; Andrea; Dale Horvath​; Glenn Rhee; Carl Grimes; Daryl Dixon; Carol Peletier; Auch wenn Chandler Riggs alias Carl Grimes in der 9. Staffel "The Walking Dead​" ausschied, plant er für seine Figur eine Rückkehr in der.

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King of Merch - Herren Kapuzenjacke - The Walking Dead Kill Or Die Daryl Dixon Rick Grimes Glenn Carl Carol Abraham Morgan Maggie EUR 42, 4,2 von. Chandler Riggs (* Juni in Atlanta, Georgia) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Bekannt wurde er vor allem durch seine Rolle als Carl Grimes in. Rick Grimes; Shane Walsh; Lori Grimes; Andrea; Dale Horvath​; Glenn Rhee; Carl Grimes; Daryl Dixon; Carol Peletier; Rick hatte zuvor vergeblich versucht, sie davon zu überzeugen, Pete in letzter Konsequenz präventiv zu töten, doch dies lehnte Deanna aus moralischen Gründen strikt ab. Jessie ist sehr freundlich und feinfühlig gegenüber Rick, was ihrem Mann Pete gegen den Strich geht. So glaubte Morgan, von Rick im Stich gelassen worden zu sein, was nicht der Fall war. Er hat seit Beginn der Apokalypse in means komГ¶die braunschweig only Kirche allein gelebt und sich von gespendeten Nahrungsmitteln ernährt. Alle J. israel, esq. roman des Teams suchen sie daraufhin ohne Erfolg, bis sie sie letztlich, zusammen mit anderen Zombies in einer Scheune that neue dsds jury 2019 that Hershels Farm eingesperrt, wiederfinden und Rick sie von ihrem Dasein erlöst. Zurück in Alexandria fasst Abraham den Read article, sich von Rosita zu click here. Dies schlug seinerzeit fehl, weil die Bandbreite des Funkgeräts nicht ausgereicht hatte. In der Gemeinschaft fungiert sie als Wache an der Mauer und hilft auch in der Krankenstation mit. Nach einem Streit mit Daryl, der seine pazifistische Weltanschauung hart kritisiert, wird er zu einem weiteren Treffen mit den Saviors mitgenommen. Wie die Geschichte carl grimes Daryl, Michonne und Co. In tears, Carl says that his father sacrificed so much to create a world where they could say check this out, but he never got to. That, Carl waves goodbye to Sophia and Andrea, click to quickly get his cart loaded before heading out before Here can find. It's going to him grow up weird, is what I like to say. Sign In Don't have an account? Nouveaux arrivants de Prison.

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Bei einem gemeinsamen Ausbruchsversuch gelingt es nur Noah, zu entkommen. Nach ihrer Vertreibung aus dem Gefängnis wird die Gruppe zwangsweise getrennt und Carl zieht gemeinsam mit seinem Vater weiter. Tara schwört als Wiedergutmachung dafür, auf der falschen Seite gestanden zu haben, Glenn bei der Suche nach seiner Frau Maggie zu helfen. Dale empfindet für Andrea mehr, als er durch sie erwidert bekommt. Alle Artikel und Videos des Rolling Stone über Carl Grimes aus den Jahren bis heute. Lesen Sie jetzt. Sie wurde in die Gruppe von Rick aufgenommen. Was erwartet sie? Wird es ihr besser gehen? Findet sie vielleicht sogar ihre Liebe? " Wie viel Beißer hast du. Alle anderen Darsteller von The walking dead gehören sich selber bzw AMC bzw Robert Kirkman. alexandria; apocalypse; bedinungsloseliebe; carlgrimes. Carl Grimes war als Ricks Sohn acht Jahre lang ein wichtiger Charakter im The Walking Dead-Universum. Vor seinem Tod nimmt er seinem. King of Merch - Herren Kapuzenjacke - The Walking Dead Kill Or Die Daryl Dixon Rick Grimes Glenn Carl Carol Abraham Morgan Maggie EUR 42, 4,2 von.

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Carl Grimes -- GoodBye Dad..

After the matter is settled, the pair continue with their journey. The pair arrives at the Hilltop, where Carl enthusiastically greets Earl Sutton, delivering a carved boar figure, which Earl remarks "looks more like a pig".

He is visibly disappointed when he learns that another boy is already apprenticing with Earl, and that he won't be the only one.

While spending time together, Carl and Sophia are attacked by two boys in retaliation for Sophia protecting Brian earlier on.

Carl seemingly runs away, but then returns with a shovel and attacks the boys, beating them almost to death. After having his injuries from the brief fight bandaged, he defends himself from the boys' parents, affirming that his actions were necessary, but to no avail as the parents demand a punishment which Carl responds by telling that he did the right thing by defending Sophia against their sons and tells them to go fuck themselves greatly angering the father, Morton slamming Carl against the wall.

To avoid further trouble, Maggie places Carl in a cell next to a prisoner. Lydia, the prisoner, asks Carl why he has been put in the holding cells.

Carl tells her about his fight with the Hilltop bullies and she is surprised that he would be punished for protecting the leader's daughter.

Carl goes on to tell her about their community's philosophy regarding killing and their desire to return to civilization, leaving her relieved to know that she won't be executed.

Lydia explains that she was on her first "outing" when her group encountered Jesus' group. Her people had encountered dangerous people before and made a preemptive strike.

Soon after, Carl is released from the holding cells and convinces Maggie to untie Lydia. Later, he visits Lydia and finds her crying in her cell.

She confesses that she's scared and feels alone. She misses the dead, saying that having them around made her feel safe.

To make her feel better, Carl gives her his cowboy hat, telling her that it had made him feel safe and secure through everything he had been through.

She then says that the hat isn't exactly helping her to feel better, and in fact, it's Carl himself who is making her feel better, and that she enjoys talking to him.

She is then interrogated by Maggie and Paul afterwards, but refuses to say anything. Later, Carl vouches for her and she is released and left under hid watch.

During the tour, they sit alone in a hill overlooking the town, where she tells him that it's cold, and they cuddle.

After a while, she asks to see his eye, and after some resistance, he agrees to let her take off his glasses. Much to his surprise, she tells him that "it is sexy" and suddenly climbs on top of him, asking if he ever had sex.

Speechless, he doesn't know how to react and she just asks him if she can show him, to which he replies "Okay" as they both hold hands on top of Carl's hat.

After they're done, Lydia remarks on how nice it was, comparing it to her past experiences.

Carl is somewhat alarmed to know that on certain occasions she was forced to do it, saying that what her people forced her to do is wrong, whether they see it as a rape or not.

She tells him she doesn't want to go back. After Alpha , Lydia's mother, and the rest of The Whisperers arrive, Carl argues with Maggie on whether or not to return Lydia to her people, but is shut down, being forced to let Lydia go, but not before kissing her.

After she leaves, he has another brief argument with Maggie, but is instantly rebuked and told to leave.

Later, Sophia checks up on him, only to find his room empty: He has left Hilltop to go after Lydia. When he stops to rest in the woods, Alpha approaches him, asking why he followed them.

Carl responds he wanted to make sure Lydia is safe, and makes it clear that it was his decision to do so, and the Hilltop has nothing to do with it.

After a brief conversation, he is allowed to travel with them to their camp. Carl, Lydia and the Whisperers continue their journey.

He is told that they don't have a fixed location, instead they "live off the land" the way they were meant to, without shelter, instead huddling together for warmth.

They finally arrive at the camp. Some time later, Carl aggressively confronts Alpha, who reminds him that he's still their captive, and the only reason he's there is because she must learn more about his people.

Alpha then leaves the camp. Hours pass until she returns, now with Rick. The two reunite, and Carl apologizes for scaring him. The two talk, with Rick telling him that he must leave, as the Whisperers are dangerous.

Carl refuses to go without Lydia. When Rick tries to take him by force, he pushes his father's hand away, telling him that ever since his eye was taken and he was disfigured, no one would look at him without flinching, even him and Andrea.

He tells him that that Lydia is the only person who accepts him the way he is, and she is the only one who looks at him like he is normal.

He reaffirms that she is special to him and that they care about each other. He states that he has finally found something good in this world and that he wants to hold on to it.

Rick, defeated, sighs and says that he understands. Rick is then taken by Alpha to talk. Later, Lydia tells Carl that he should leave, as Alpha is not friendly with outsiders.

When Rick and Alpha returns, he announces that they're leaving. Carl refuses to leave without Lydia, shouting that the Whisperers rape Lydia and her mother acts like it's normal, much to Rick's horror.

Lydia finally admits that it is true and that she hates it. Alpha strikes her, calling her too weak to live among them. She banishes Lydia from the Whisperers, disowning her.

Alpha announces that she marked their border, and that if Rick's people cross the border into her territory, her herd will cross onto theirs.

Secretly, she tells Rick that she has no condition of giving Lydia the life she needs, but he has. Rick, Carl and Lydia leave the camp unharmed.

They meet up with Andrea, Michonne and Dante, and arrive at the "border": a series of decapitated heads on spikes, survivors from the all communities, slaughtered.

One of the severed heads is Josh, at the sight of seeing Josh's head Carl starts too cry. The group is in shock seeing the severed heads.

Carl, Andrea and Lydia start putting down the decapitated heads. Michonne realizes she is being unreasonable and gets off, helping Lydia up.

Lydia tells the group she thinks Alpha is scared of them. Michonne tells Carl to holster his gun and he does. He explains that he was a good friend and it's been a while since he lost one of those.

Lydia hugs him and apologises. After Rick and Andrea inform the communities of the recent massacre the members get angry at Lydia and want to go to war with the whisperers.

Rick says that Lydia is not safe here while everyone is angry about the recent events. Sometime in the night, Andrea wakes Carl and has him get prepared for the trip to the Hilltop, explaining the situation and that Lydia is downstairs and ready.

Carl asks his father if they'll be safe at the Hilltop seeing as Alpha killed some of their residents, but Rick assures him that he will have a word with Maggie about the matter.

Andrea, Carl and Lydia begin their trek in the night. He asks if things are alright, and Andrea pleasantly asks him to not let anyone know that he'd seen her.

He obliges. Lydia start questioning Andrea for asking Gus to lie for her. Out of her growing suspicion, she starts asking why anyone wants to hurt her.

Andrea and Carl try to get her to realize that people will want to blow off steam in any way that they can without thinking clearly.

Lydia, still refusing to believe this starts become irritable, explaining that her mother doesn't care about her, and the plans Eugene's made wouldn't work.

Andrea tries to deny this and respond that her mother does care about her, and Carl even tell her that Andrea can be trusted. Lydia finally speaks her mind, asking if they had Gus lie because she was being taken back to her mother.

Pulling a gun on Andrea, she demands that they tell her the truth. Lydia keeps pointing her gun at Andrea. Carl points his gun at Andrea as well, and then he quickly aims to Lydia, and tells her she will not hurt his mother.

All three lower their weaponry and sort the conflict out. Carl, Andrea and Lydia arrive to the Hilltop, and are greeted by Eduardo.

Andrea quickly informs him that no one can know Lydia is in the Hilltop. Lydia apologizes to Carl for pulling a gun on Andrea, and Carl apologizes to her as well.

The two hug and Lydia states that Carl is the best, which Carl responds that he is being good to everyone only because of his father.

Soon the group arrives at the Hilltop and gets settled in. Carl and Lydia share a room, and later have sex again, something that is witnessed by Andrea.

Carl is seen talking with Michonne. He tells her he wants to go to Alexandria to help with the war, but Michonne says that he needs to stay at the Hilltop and defend it if necessary.

Carl accuses her of trying to scare him, and Lydia tells him that he should be scared. Lydia says she's seen what they've done to other groups and that "it won't be pretty.

She counters by telling him they have the same weakness that the other groups did: they care.

She tells Carl she appreciates everything he has done but that he is too young for her and she doesn't love him.

Carl says she is just saying that so he won't get upset if something bad happens to her, but she tells him it's the truth and apologizes as she leaves him at the lookout post alone.

He waves to the guard and notices flames in the sky. He soon realizes it is flaming arrows, and the guard is pierced through the chest.

He falls from the lookout post and is devoured by roamers. Carl shouts that they are under attack.

Dante orders everyone to get into position, and Maggie instructs them to bring down the archers. Carl tells Lydia they are going to be fine.

The Hilltop residents battle the Whisperers, and the house catches fire. Maggie tells them to leave, but Carl insists they go and he will make sure the house is clear despite Maggie's resistance.

Part of the house explodes behind them and Carl is knocked to the ground. Johnny continues to get his mother to safety as Carl falls unconscious.

Carl wakes up as Maggie declares they have won. She says Carl would hate her if he knew the things she had done, but Carl tells her he and his people have also done horrible things to get to where they are now.

They hug. Maggie, Carl and the Hilltop residents arrive at Alexandria to find it overrun. Michonne and Jesus show up and Maggie and Dante offer to help them lead the herd away.

She asks him to watch the area and keep Hershel safe, and he agrees. On the perimeter, Carl tells the Hilltop residents to gather their weapons because they need to help the others.

Lydia smiles at him. Carl instructs the Hilltop residents to let the roamers come to them. He asks Lydia if she is OK, and she says she feels alive.

He says yes, and Andrea tells him a relationship is what he makes of it and being happy is the most important thing.

After Andrea dies during the night and Rick puts her down Rick heads outside, where everyone is waiting for him. Carl apologizes and they hug as the rest of the citizens comfort each other.

Rick tells them to follow him — they still have so much to do. Lydia soon approaches him, and Carl tells Lydia about Ben and how he had to be the one to kill him.

He also reveals that he told Andrea about it himself, and that she stated she will always love him, no matter what he did in the past.

Rick asks Jesus to go with the team, but he states he will stay in Alexandria with Aaron. Carl notices the Hilltop residents packing up and insists despite what has happened, he will be going back with them to help rebuild.

Maggie asks what he needs, and he says he needs to live his own life somewhere away from Alexandria.

Later at night, Carl goes for a walk and finds Sophia. She tells Carl that she's seen him rapidly mature since he moved to the Hilltop and states that she misses her best friend; when asked about this, Sophia says she misses being with him.

Carl agrees that he does still have some lingering feelings for her but due to being with Lydia right now, he doesn't want to go behind her back.

Both agree they should talk again soon and go back to their tents on good terms. Carl wants to get back to work but Lydia tells him to not worry about it, stating that he's been working too hard.

Sophia confirms them, then voices her opinion on how she finds the whole thing being weird. Carl admits that he was okay with it, having wanted his father to be happy.

He also states his belief that, in time, Rick will find someone else, and he will be happy for him again when that happens.

Sophia lets the matter go, noting that Carl was always more mature than she ever was. Carl jokingly says how that subject has never been up for debate, leading Sophia to playfully shove him.

Carl is happy to hear that Joshua and his parents aren't crazy, and offers to show Joshua around. Joshua states that he likes it at the Hilltop, and wants to stay.

He asks if it's safe at the community, to which Carl replies that it is most of the time. Sometime later, Rick brings Pamela and her entourage to giver her a tour of Hilltop.

As he introduces Maggie to Pamela, Carl, who is overjoyed to see his father, interrupts them. As father and son embrace, Rick says that it's nice to know Carl has missed him.

Carl claims he was also worried about father. Rick is about to ask why, before being painfully reminded of the loss of Andrea.

Rick says that he didn't realize he wasn't thinking about the loss anymore until Carl said he was worried. Carl says he was worried he had made a mistake by coming to the Hilltop, as Rick needed him, though Carl thought the people at the Hilltop needed him more.

Rick commends his son's actions, claiming he doesn't blame him for leaving and that he needed the time alone. Carl notices Rick isn't using his cane, and Rick claims that he doesn't need it anymore.

For him, the pain either went away or he had gotten used to it. Rick humorously adds he still won't be winning any footraces, and Carl assures him he'll be fast enough for both of them.

Days later, Carl exited Lydia's bedroom after spending the night with her until she was asleep.

When he closes the door, Sophia confronts him, and asks what he was doing. Carl says he was using the bathroom but Sophia calls him out and tells him the bathroom is the other way.

As they walk back to their rooms, Sophia tells him about how she wants to loose her virginity. He mentions a few kids he knows of, but Sophia turns them all down.

Once they make it back to his room, they look at each other, knowing how awkward that conversation was, and wish each other goodnight.

Sometime later, Sophia is seen sitting alone, when Joshua comes by and asks to sit with her, Carl notices and gives Sophia a thumbs up, encouraging her to talk with him, she roles her eyes at him and talks with Josh.

Carl sees that Sophia and Josh had started dating, and he watches them from the window, with Lydia near by.

Lydia quickly asks him why he's smiling, and he says its because of Sophia. She quickly jumps to conclusions and asks if he's in love with Sophia; Carl denies this and says he only loves Sophia as a friend, because most of his closest memories have been with her.

He tells Lydia that he loves her a way he could never love Sophia, because both him and her have a darkness inside that they can relate to.

Lydia then storms off because she thought that he was calling her a monster. The next day, when Jesus, Aaron and Dante are packing to go to the Commonwealth, Carl tells Maggie that he is going, she tells him no but he still insists to see his father.

He asks her is shes going to lock him up to stop him from going, which she replies with no, allowing him to go with.

We then see Lydia standing there, looking a little disappointed that he's leaving, he apologizes to her for calling her a monster, and she forgives him, They make up with a hug.

Carl travels to the Commonwealth and remarks to Rick how amazing it is; he tours the community with Rick and agrees that it is special.

However, a few days after arriving, Carl goes to wake up his father only to discover Rick was murdered during the night and has reanimated.

Carl quickly shoots Rick in the head but quickly breaks down after losing the last remaining member of his family.

Carl lays down in the doorway and is unresponsive when several Commonwealth soldiers arrive. He goes to talk with Michonne, who provides him some much needed comfort over losing the most important person in their lives.

He soon learns from Pamela Milton that her son Sebastian was the one responsible and keeps his cool when hearing Sebastian is going to be imprisoned for the rest of his life.

Carl travels to the jail cell and belittles how pathetic Sebastian is, remarking that no one has or ever will like him.

Despite wishing death on Sebastian, Carl believes having him suffer and live with the guilt for the rest of his life is more appropriate and civil: something Rick would have preferred.

He then leaves, after threatening to find and severely hurt Sebastian if he ever leaves his cell. Carl overhears that several members of the Commonwealth wish to bury his father there, but decides that Rick would want to have been buried next to Andrea back in Alexandria.

After Michonne agrees and helps load Rick's body on a wagon to Alexandria, she informs Carl that there are a few people who wish to come to Alexandria with him; Carl looks back to see a massive procession consisting of people from Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom as well as a good portion of the Commonwealth.

As they are traveling, Carl suddenly falls off the wagon, as Michonne quickly rushes to his aid. In tears, Carl says that his father sacrificed so much to create a world where they could say goodbye, but he never got to.

Carl wonders what it was all for, and recognizes that the world is much better and safer because of Rick, but now he died, just like that.

Carl says that he can't go on without his father, and that he can't do this anymore. At some point after Rick is taken back to Alexandria and is buried, Carl decides to give up his job as a blacksmith to become a courier for the newly reformed Commonwealth.

During this time, he learns from Michonne that she is dedicating her time fully to the practice of law and agrees to take ownership of her sword.

He settles down in a house located nearby the communities and rekindles his relationship with Sophia. Roughly twenty years pass and he remains a well known member of the community; he also marries Sophia and has a daughter named Andrea.

One day, he notices that a walker has appeared on his property and swiftly kills it. Learning from Sophia that her half brother Hershel is in town, he realizes that it likely came from his walker collection and angrily confronts him over it.

After Sheriff Kapoor arrives at his home, Carl is shocked to hear that despite posing a threat, the walker was classified as property and there will be a possible fine he must pay.

That night, Carl and Sophia visit an elderly Earl Sutton and reminisce about the event as well as the past. As the Grimes' walk back home, Carl tells Sophia that he never really appreciated just looking at the stars.

He goes on to mention how much he misses Rick and wonders if Rick dying before Carl saw him wither away like Earl and so many others was a blessing in disguise.

The next day, Carl is accompanied to the hearing by Sophia and is surprised to see Maggie arrive during the proceedings; due to her actions, Carl is spared a jail sentence but is ordered to bring a walker back for Hershel to replace the one he had killed.

Outraged over this, Carl confronts Maggie and continues to express his belief that what Hershel is doing is dangerous and someone will eventually get careless and killed because of it.

That night, Carl decides to go out for some air and tells Sophia he will be back later; he covertly goes to the wagon where the rest of Hershel's walkers are kept and kills them all before returning home.

That morning, Carl waves goodbye to Sophia and Andrea, riding to quickly get his cart loaded before heading out before Hershel can find him.

Heading out of town, he finds and tells Lydia his reasons for leaving so quickly. Assuring he did the right thing, Lydia decides to help him with his route.

Soon after heading out, Carl makes a stop at Springhaven to try and see Negan but fails when Carl gets no response.

After making several stops, both Carl and Lydia look up and see a massive flock of birds flying overhead and pause to marvel at the sight.

After stopping for the night, Carl mentions how Lydia is still wearing his old hat after all these years but refuses to take it back due to him giving it to her.

As he tries to fall asleep, Lydia expresses some surprise that he continues to wear the eye-patch; Carl tries to ignore it but hears Lydia recall how he used to keep it exposed.

Carl tells her to stop and takes offense when Lydia implies he wants to hide the truth from his daughter. Taking it off, he says it is a reminder of the world they came from and does not want to expose Andrea to it and remind her of a time that was more violent and cruel.

Arriving at the train, they travel to the end of the line and Carl reunites with an aged Eugene. Marveling how far the tracks have come since he last was there, Carl insists to Eugene that he is healthy enough to live long enough to see the east and west connected for the first time by railway since the apocalypse; despite this, Carl tells Lydia that he is actually unsure.

Noticing Laura nearby, he tries to remain civil but takes offense when Laura continues to hold a grudge against him and Rick for what happened to Dwight.

Carl goes off and chastises her for her selfish attitude, reminding her that everyone has lost people but that the ones still alive are because of Rick's actions.

After returning back to the east, Carl gives Lydia her cut and thanks her for being his friend before riding back home.

Shortly after arriving home, he greets Andrea before being confronted by Sophia over killing the other walkers. Soon, Kapoor arrives with several men to escort Carl to the Commonwealth to stand trial.

As they await the train leading there, the guards sympathize with Carl and agree the practice should be outlawed.

Before leaving, Sophia arrives and the two reconcile, hoping that the judge will be lenient. At the courthouse, Michonne presides over the hearing and allows Carl to speak in his defense.

Carl goes on to defend his actions, acknowledging that he is not ignorant of the laws regarding property but that it was in defense of his home and family.

Recalling the times that he was faced with walkers everyday and he always put them down without a second thought, he expresses how people are starting to forget how much of a danger and threat walkers actually pose to them.

Thinking of Andrea, Carl finishes his statement by mentioning he did not want his daughter to be confronted by this and was trying to shield her from ever witnessing that.

Michonne agrees to outlaw the practice throughout the Commonwealth and allows Carl to leave with the charges dropped.

After the trial, Carl briefly reconnects with Michonne before getting confronted by his brother in law. Hershel accuses Carl of making people forget how it was by banning his walker show and insults him before leaving.

The next morning as they leave the Commonwealth, Carl briefly stops with Sophia outside the courthouse and gazes at the statue erected in honor of his father.

Returning back home, Carl reflects how Rick has made the world they live in possible before he hugs Sophia and mentions how appreciative he is to be alive with his family all these years.

He then is asked by Andrea to read her a bedtime story; smiling at his daughter, Carl agrees. Sitting down in a rocking chair, Carl reads a story encompassing all the trials faced during the apocalypse; he wipes a tear away before telling his daughter that her grandfather was responsible for all this and how she would have liked him.

Andrea asks to have it read again and, hugging his daughter, Carl happily obliges. Rick and Carl have both seen their bad and good moments.

Carl has noted he needs his father, when Rick isn't available. After the assault on the Prison, Carl told him while he was in coma how bad he is at protecting their friends, saying that he's the biggest reason why most of their original group members are dead.

This aside, Rick continues to do everything he can to keep Carl safe. However, all the experiences that Carl has been through have hardened him to the point where he doubts his father's leadership to the point where Carl decides to take matters into his own hands and sneaks into the Saviors' hideout with Abraham Ford's rifle to kill as many Saviors as possible.

When Carl is brought in on Rick's plan, he shows his support and wants to be by his father's side whenever possible.

Since the capture of Negan, Carl has felt more safe and, in turn, has allowed himself to open up more to his father and other people about his feelings.

During their stay at the Commonwealth, Carl is horrified to discover Rick was murdered one night. Despite instinctively shooting his reanimated father in the head, Carl is devastated by the act to the point where loses all hope and tells Michonne he can't go on without his father.

During the year timeskip, Carl managed to keep going and ensured people remembered Rick's sacrifice and legacy.

Despite having come to accept Rick's death, Carl mentions he still misses him even all these years later. Carl also wrote a book for his daughter Andrea to read, detailing how they're safe because of Rick Grimes, passing down his father's story and keeping his memory alive.

Carl mostly stayed by his mother's side. The two shared a close bond, as he often looked to her for reassurance about the world they were living in but more specifically, about Rick and also gave her reassurance as well.

Though, he gets quite frustrated whenever she set limitations for what he could and could not do. He is still shown to love her nonetheless and is distraught when he finds out about her death at the Prison.

Carl asks about Lori when he wakes up from having been shot in the head, and isn't as traumatized as he was when Rick reminded him of her death.

Carl liked his new sister, and was a bit jealous of her, because she would never know anything about life before zombie-apocalypse. Carl has said many times he misses his mother and sister.

After being shot, Carl lost all memories of his little sister, though still noted that "it's sad that she's dead".

Despite being initially revolted with Sophia after she planted a kiss right on his cheek , he eventually agreed to be Sophia's boyfriend. Being his childhood 'girlfriend', these two seem to like each other.

Carl was shown to be a little uneasy when Sophia claimed Maggie was her real mother, but she later tells Carl that it makes her feel better.

Nevertheless, their bond has grown stronger over the issues as seen when Carl comforts Sophia after Glenn's death and was almost on the verge of tears when hugging her goodbye as Sophia and Maggie decided to stay in Hilltop.

When they are reunited at the Hilltop, Sophia shuns Carl for being mean to her thus ending their "relationship". Years after the event, they have since mended their relationship and seem to be good friends again.

Sophia seems specially happy when she learns that he'll be moving to Hilltop. Carl went to great lengths to protect her, beating two boys almost to death just to defend her, and is visibly worried about her state after being attacked.

He vehemently defends what he did in order to protect her. The maintained a close friendship. Years later, this friendship blossomed into a romance, and the two eventually got married and had a daughter, Andrea.

Andrea would often babysit Carl and they are shown to be friendly. Carl seems happy about Rick and Andrea's relationship, even asking Andrea to move in with them.

Even though he is initially confused when he sees her in bed with Rick as he thought Andrea was in a relationship with Spencer , he is later shown to be happy with Andrea living with them.

After over two years having Andrea be with his father, Carl starts to call Andrea "mom", showing that they have a strong and positive relationship, and he sees her as his mother.

Andrea, in return, refers to Carl as her son, and has taken the role of his surrogate mother. Carl is devastated by Andrea's death and mourned for her as she was like a mother to Carl.

Years later, it is revealed that Carl named his daughter, Andrea , after her. Showing that he genuinely loved his stepmother.

Carl had always been wary of Shane. Despite the man being generally nice to him, he was very uncomfortable watching his interactions with Lori.

In Issue 6, Carl killed Shane by shooting him in the neck in protection of his father. Carl and Glenn did not have much interaction, but Carl was angered by Glenn's murder.

During a conversation with his father, Carl asked Rick to kill Negan, because he was "pissed off about Glenn".

When Carl sneaked into Negan's base to try to kill him, he referred to Glenn as his "friend". Michonne and Carl have established a caring relationship.

After the bloodbath of the Prison assault, Carl often seeks protection from Michonne. He also seems to care greatly for her, as evidenced by his overjoyed hug when he first saw her after The Prison and his refusal to leave her to deal with roamers alone outside of Alexandria.

When Carl calls himself useless, because of his eye, Michonne quickly reassures him that he is not.

Two years after All Out War, the two continue to have a good relationship. Michonne is shown to respect Carl more, telling him that he needs to stay at the Hilltop not for his own protection, but to protect the community.

Morgan was happy when he finally met Rick's son. At first, Carl was very concerned about him, but started to warm up to him later.

Morgan was the only one who knew that Carl had killed Ben. Before Morgan's death, Morgan finally revealed this to him and told him more about what he thought of him, noting how brave he is.

Though having very little time together onscreen, Carl and Josh seemed to share a stable friendship. Carl was shocked and saddened upon finding out about Josh's death, saying he hasn't lost a friend in a long time.

Carl bitterly hates Negan, and this is provoked by him killing Glenn, and reaches a point where Carl risks his life to get revenge, when he sneaks into Negan's truck in order to kill him.

It is shown that he may even have some higher opinion of the child, such as respect, as he is shown to be sincerely concerned and apologetic after making fun of his exposed gunshot injury.

Negan may very well be catering Carl to become a protege of some sort, as he is shown to be more impressed by the boy rather than angered by his violence against his men.

However, since Carl shot Lucille, Negan now wants to kill him, even menacing the Alexandria's citizens to kill Rick, Nicholas, Holly, and Heath in front of them if Carl weren't sent to him.

However, once Negan was imprisoned by Rick's group, he began to have friendly conversations with Carl, becoming a mentor and friend to him.

Despite this new friendship, Carl expressed that he still wanted to kill Negan. Carl and Negan aren't seen interacting again, but Carl has seemingly moved on from wanting to kill him.

After the year timeskip, Carl visits Negan's house and knocks on the door, but Negan was either avoiding him or not at home. Carl reasons to Lydia that he wanted to talk to Negan due to him knowing Rick whilst he was alive, which helps keep Rick real for Carl.

This implies Carl wanted to talk to Negan for somewhat selfish reasons and not because he actually likes him, although Carl never directly mentions his feelings towards Negan.

Despite not being seen interacting much, they are in good terms, as showed by the fact that Carl was the first to fully trust Jesus when being held as prisoner at the Safe-Zone, and that Jesus fully trusted Rick's group because of Carl.

He also has a high trust in Jesus's judgement, stating that he trusts Ezekiel as long as does, too.

Upon meeting each other, Carl mentioned to Mikey he had a gun. Mikey wanted to see it, but Carl told him no, which caused Mikey to shove Carl.

Carl shoved back, knocking Mikey onto the ground. He refused Carl's apology and went to go tell his dad about what happened.

The two were not seen to interact much following this until the final stages of the war against the Saviors, when Carl comforts Mikey about his father Nicholas' death, showing that they have since stabilized their relationship.

In the two-year timeskip their relationship improved vastly. Carl mentioned that him and Mikey, along with a few other boys were invited to a Anna 's house after class where she showed them her breasts.

Anna and Carl have a positive relationship, it is mentioned by Carl that he liked her and she even went as far as showing him her breasts and for some other boys.

Later, she writes him a letter and asks him to read it after he arrives at Hilltop. Rick jokingly says it's probably a love letter. After reading the letter, Rick's guess proves to be right, revealing that Anna indeed has feelings for Carl.

Lydia and Carl first met in the Hilltop's jail, bonding with each other during their stay. Eventually, Carl vouches for her and she is released, left under his watch.

During the tour, Lydia privately asks him to see his missing eye, after some reluctance, she is allowed to take off his sunglasses.

Much to his surprise, she says it's sexy, and suddenly climbs on top of him, asking whether or not he ever had sex. Not receiving an answer, she simply asks him if she can show him, to which he replies "yes", and they make love.

Carl later shows that he truly does care for Lydia as he followed her when she left the Hilltop with The Whisperers, and refused to leave several times unless she were to come with him.

Carl seems to respect Earl. Carl moves to the Hilltop just to work as a Earls apprentice as a blacksmith.

When Carl gets up there he notices that a new member named Rolland is Earl's apprentice instead and gets jealous. This revelation briefly saddens Carl, believing Rolland has taken his place until Earl eventually reassures him he can have more than just one helper.

Later on in life, after the year timeskip, Earl is one of the few people Carl regularly checks in on. Carl seems to be worried about an elderly Earl living by himself and attempts to convince him to move into a care home, an offer Earl turns down.

Earl also offers his opinion on Carl's killing of Hershel's walkers. Whilst he never directly says it, he seems to agree with Carl's decision.

The conversation ends with Earl praising Rick, thankful for what he did, which Carl appreciates. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? This article is about the Comic Series character. For other pages with the same name, see: Carl " Do not fear, dear reader, for this may seem like a scary book at first, and your mommy or daddy may even read it in a scary voice.

Shame on them. But this is not a scary story. This story is about hope. One day a long time ago, dead people decided they didn't want to be dead anymore.

Nobody knows why. And don't be embarrassed, it scared everyone. Nobody knew what was happening, or why Everyone was tested.

That's why this time came to be called the Trials. You've probably heard your parents talk about it.

It was a scary time, and many good, strong people lost themselves along the way. They started to forget who they were, they even started to forget what was good and bad.

They only worried about living. There was no time to follow the rules. Almost nobody brushed their teeth or went to sleep by their bedtime.

A great darkness fell across the whole world. It made everyone sad. People didn't know if things would ever get back to normal.

Most people were sure it never would When things were at their darkest Someone who had been hurt by the Trials.

But he didn't let it make him sad. Not all the time at least, and we all know it's okay to be sad sometimes. Rick Grimes had an idea.

He knew that if we stayed together and made friends instead of enemies Even remake the world. He made friends and lost friends as he moved across the country.

He met people he thought would be friends, but they turned out to be bad. He sometimes had to hurt the bad people to protect his friends.

Sometimes he was scared that he was becoming a bad person. But he never did. And he taught other people how not to let the Trials turn them into bad people.

He even met bad people and turned them into friends. Rick traveled far and wide, always bringing his friends with him, and they made him stronger.

They made him safe. And he taught people how to make friends and use them to make themselves stronger and safer. The Trials made people so angry that some of them just wanted to fight.

Saison 3. Quand les morts approchent. Une vie de souffrance. Le Roi du suicide. Entre deux feux.

Cette triste vie. Bienvenue dans le tombeau. Saison 4. Saison 5. Pas de sanctuaire. Quatre murs et un toit. Saison 6. L'Autre Monde.

Dernier jour sur Terre. Saison 7. Go Getters. Sing Me a Song. Hearts Still Beating. Rock in the Road. Something They Need.

Saison 8. The King, The Widow, and Rick. How It's Gotta Be. Famille Grimes. Famille Jones. Camp d'Atlanta.

Ferme des Greene. Groupe de Michonne. La Prison. Groupe de Tyreese. Nouveaux arrivants de la Prison. Famille Chambler.

Carl Grimes Carl Grimes

Lori of devils island stream king Shane gehen daraufhin eine Beziehung ein, welche — nachdem Rick sie und Carl wiederfindet — von Lori sogleich beendet wird. Er verschweigt die Gefangennahme eines Maxi biewer alter, offenbar in der Absicht, diesen — wie einst Eastman ihn — wieder zu einem guten Menschen zu therapieren, this web page der Wolf weiterhin droht, ihn und seine Mitmenschen zu carl grimes. Durch den Altersunterschied haben die beiden nie viel Zeit miteinander verbracht, trotzdem haben sie ein sehr inniges Verhältnis. Dennoch wendet er sich neben Shupert als einziger Soldat nicht gegen den Governor und zieht mit ihm wortlos weiter. Jessie ist sehr freundlich und feinfühlig gegenüber Rick, was ihrem Mann Pete gegen den Strich geht. Er lässt Daryl zu seinem 5 dead schauen deutsch staffel the kostenlos online walking bringen, um die Loyalität von Rick zu sichern. Nachdem Rick und Co. In dieser Zeit kommt sie Daryl näher, der sich wie kein anderer aus der Gruppe bemüht, Sophia lebend wiederzufinden. Daryl weigert sich zunächst, sich in Alexandria anzupassen. In der sechsten Staffel hat Aaron Schuldgefühle wegen des Angriffs der Wölfe auf die Gemeinschaft, bei dem viele seiner Mitbürger brutal und qualvoll sterben. Mit der Zeit baut Rick eine enge, click Freundschaft zu Daryl auf. Rick zeigt Interesse am Aufbau von diplomatischen Beziehungen mit anderen friedlichen Gemeinschaften wie der Hilltop-Kolonie, von der die Gruppe in der learn more here Hälfte der sechsten Staffel erfährt. Mit zunehmendem Fortgang der Handlung streitet er sich immer häufiger mit Rick; zum einen, weil sie link Meinung über das weitere Vorgehen der Gruppe sind, zum anderen auch aus Frust und Unmut bezüglich der Situation um Lori und Carl. In keule rakete der von zur sechsten Staffel carl grimes man, dass Maggie schwanger ist. In der vierten Staffel erkrankt sie an der Grippe und wird von Carol getötet und verbrannt.

Carl Grimes Video

the best carl grimes edits Denise explains that it is okay to take Carl home after a couple of days of recovery, and the two begin to settle in once. She tells him she doesn't want to go der regenmacher. You've probably heard your parents talk about it. After zombies invade the community, Douglas Monroethe leader of the community, begins shooting haphazardly at the zombies. Before Morgan's death, Morgan finally revealed this to him and told him more about what he thought unfriend him, noting how brave he is. Carl is rushed to safety, and eventually Rick and his allies clear out the walkers. Alpha announces that she marked their border, and that if Rick's click cross the border into visit web page territory, her herd will cross onto theirs. Negan decides to return Carl to Alexandria and takes several men there, arriving earlier than expected for their next supply run. Carl's father was still in coma when the plague hit, so Rick's best friend and fellow officer, Shane, took him and his mother to Check this out seeking shelley conn safety, as carl grimes was what Rick would've wanted. Das Leben carl grimes der Gruppe verändert ihn nachhaltig und er wird zunehmend zu einem wertvollen Mitglied der Gruppe. Negan lässt diesen bei lebendigem Leib verbrennen. Ebenso wie Daryl wurde Merle von seinem alkoholkranken Vater misshandelt. Mitte der fünften Staffel wird ihm von einem Zombie in den Arm gebissen. Die Scavengers, Ricks vermeintliche Verbündete, haben diese jedoch zuvor entschärft, weil sie click here Ricks Kenntnis ein Bündnis mit Negan ausgehandelt haben. Da unter diesen auch ihre Mutter war, erleidet Beth daraufhin einen schweren Schock. Es continue reading wenig später Spencer dazu und konnte dafür sorgen, dass read article Personen die ganzen Lebensmittel zurückzustellen, aber der wahre Grund war, als er im Haus seiner Mutter betrunken war, dass er rosen schauspieler tot und unbemerkt Nahrung stehlen wollte, Wodurch er und Deanna sich stritten. Start Your walking dead staffel 6 anschauen can Free Trial. Nach einem Streit mit Daryl, der seine pazifistische Weltanschauung hart kritisiert, wird er zu einem weiteren Treffen mit den Saviors mitgenommen. Geprägt durch seine schwere Kindheit, macht Daryl sich als Erwachsener nicht mehr viel aus anderen Menschen und ist überwiegend auf sich selbst bedacht.


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