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Dredd () "Dredd" fackelt nicht lange bis es mit knallharter. Kingsman – The Secret Service (). Triple Frontier (). The Expendables (). › news › diebesten-actionfilme-zurzeit-auf-netflix.

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Die FE Action-Topliste. Die besten und beliebtesten Filme unserer User. Filme aus dem Genre Action, die von unseren Usern empfohlen werden. Dredd () "Dredd" fackelt nicht lange bis es mit knallharter. › news › diebesten-actionfilme-zurzeit-auf-netflix.

We love to see an old hero return back to the screen and to hear a familiar grizzled voice talk about duty, purpose, and saving the world.

This year also gives us a new host of action-superheroes, in addition to allowing Game of Thrones actors to take on new roles that are just as bad-ass.

Does Maverick still have it? Check on those box office stats in June to find out. Until then, bring on the action, This story follows Buck, a domestic dog who finds himself in the wilds of the Alaskan Yukon in the late s.

Vin Diesel stars in Bloodshot as Ray Garrison, a man who was murdered, but is later resurrected by a team of scientists which sounds like some spooky Buffy the Vampire stuff.

Soon after that, they discover that they are the prey in a hunting game designed by a group of elites.

The live-action adaptation of the Disney animated movie follows the story of a woman who fights in the Imperial Chinese Army in place of her ailing father.

No, there is no talking lizard voiced by Eddie Murphy in this version. Daniel Craig returns for one last outing as James Bond, who emerges from retirement to square off against Safin, a dangerous villain who may or may not be Dr.

When the U. As an adult, she is now working alone as a secret operative in the U. Charlize Theron and John Cena also star in the ninth movie of the franchise.

This time, the story is set in the s, where the fashion features lots of shoulder pads. Wonder Woman will face off against Cheetah, played by Kristen Wiig in villain mode.

In Free Guy , Ryan Reynolds plays a bank teller who realizes he is a background character in a video game called Free City that is about to go offline.

Michael Morbius Jared Leto tries to cure himself of his rare blood disease, but instead he gives himself a form of vampirism.

Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Lee plays a Shaolin martial artist working undercover for British Intelligence to bring down the villainous Shih Kien. Read Empire's Enter The Dragon review.

Not many Western animated movies would make this list, but we're adding two! First up, Brad Bird's format-breaking first movie for Pixar more than qualifies.

Though it's more about the family drama, when the supers do their hero thing, it's dazzling and satisfying, especially when young Dash realises he can run fast enough to travel across water.

Read the Empire review. But Kill Bill Vol. The plot is almost perfunctory: Uma Thurman 's "The Bride" is almost murdered on her wedding day, but recovers to seek revenge on the perpetrators, including ultimate goal Bill.

Read Empire's Kill Bill Vol. His dream worlds are piled layer on layer, allowing for some head-scratchingly intricate plotting.

Read Empire's Inception review. The visuals will make your jaw drop, the set pieces are great and there's true heart and humour backing it all up.

But before all of that, she proved herself an ass-kicker, thanks to this surprising turn from Joe Wright. Surprising mostly because he'd also been more known for manners over machine guns.

They both do sterling work on this, blending character work with swift fight scenes. Read Empire's Hanna review. A high-concept masterpiece, this controversial effort several attempts were made to ban both film and its source novel in Japan from Kinji Fukasaku continues to provoke discussion with its devastating premise: a class of teenagers are taken to an island, fitted with explosive collars and told to kill one another until only one remains.

It's gory - but this is not violence for its own sake. Fukasaku's got something powerful to say about intergenerational distrust, modern society, our attitudes to violence and one another and modern Japan as a whole.

Read Empire's Battle Royale review. Mifune returned as the same character in the follow-up Sanjuro. Read Empire's Yojimbo review.

Mixing action thriller with disaster movie tropes in the way Die Hard had done previously, Speed can basically be described in terms of its setpieces: the lift, the bus and the train.

The middle section is the principal one, of course: Keanu Reeves is on a bus with a bomb on it, which will explode and kill all its passengers if its speed drops below 50mph.

Dennis Hopper is the aggrieved bad guy on the phone giving instructions, and Sandra Bullock is, reluctantly but pluckily, at the wheel.

Near misses! Romance, even! Most impressive is the way that, despite seemingly limited options for drama in its enclosed space, the bus section never outstays its welcome.

Only the final train sequence feels slightly tacked on. Read Empire's Speed review. Technophobe man confronts goons.

Technophobe man is beaten nearly to death. Technophobe man is outfitted with bleeding-edge technology in the form of a super-smart chip in his neck.

Technophobe man creates lots of bleeding edges for goons and others. Leigh Whannell's throwback pulp actioner is unafraid to fully embrace its pulp, low-budget roots, getting the most bang, crash and wallop for its buck.

Read Empire's Upgrade review. The modern trend for making sequels "darker" surely dates back to this blood-soaked effort, with its human sacrifice, child enslavement and Indy himself being possessed by the Dark Side.

While the bookends of the original trilogy are funnier, this one stays with you longer, albeit in nightmares. The original Mad Max had its share of awesome vehicular chase sequences, but nothing that quite prepared audiences for what was to follow.

The plot is simple: Mel Gibson 's Max gets roped into helping a besieged community escape the marauders outside.

Read Empire's Mad Max 2 review. Director S. Craig Zahler is quickly developing a reputation for brutal, knowing action whether it be in his gory Western Bone Tomahawk or this, in which Vince Vaughn dishes out more injuries than a forced viewing of Couples Retreat.

And how. The story — cop and gangster swap faces and lives during a protracted game of cat-and-mouse — is high-concept bordering on nonsensical.

But what makes it work are Nicolas Cage and John Travolta , playing not only their own characters but essentially each other.

Cage, after some madness at the start, has to reign it in a bit to play Travolta. It was probably for the best.

Before he was helping to deliver blows to the First Order, John Boyega was battling intergalactic wrong 'uns in Joe Cornish's knowing, hectic blend of Amblin and Aliens.

The action is fun and driven by both comedy and drama, and there is a real feeling of danger in the scenes where Boyega and his youthful gangsters take on the alien scum.

We'll allow it. Read Empire's Attack The Block review. Always one to dabble in different genres, Steven Soderbergh took a crack at action with this hard-nosed crafty tale of a black ops bad-ass Gina Carano, breaking noses even as she breaks big who is betrayed and goes on the run.

Soderbergh builds a fantastic cast around his leading lady, and whips up some hefty beats and beatings.

Read Empire's Haywire review. The idea of pitching or thereabouts superheroes against each other was a dizzying notion, but the brothers Russo pulled it off with aplomb, introducing a unanimously crowd-pleasing baby Spidey in the process.

Worried about superhero fatigue? British grit from , with a rambunctious crew of hard men competing to drive dangerous loads along dangerous roads in as fast a time possible.

It all takes place in believably downbeat locations, and the chase sequences - the final one in particular - are thrilling, thanks to the direction of blacklisted Hollywood exile Cy Endfield.

Read Empire's Hell Drivers review. The title refers to the Buddhisst statue which, in a shocking act of vandalism, has its head sawn off by the minions of an evil businessman.

The dedicated fight team were all prepared to take a pummelling for real. Read Empire's Ong-Bak review.

Between this and Shaolin Soccer , Stephen Chow cemented himself as a potential successor to Jackie Chan, blending loose-limbed fight scenes with firm comic timing.

Hustle finds him as Sing, a wannabe gangster who gets into hot water with the Axe Gang. And then there are the tenants of a local tenement who possess incredible martial arts skills.

Read Empire's Kung Fu Hustle review. The plot, involving the recovery of a stolen sword and a couple of pairs of lovers, might seem a little far fetched at times, and the subtitled dialogue a touch too stately, but the sheer scale of Crouching Tiger 's setting, cinematography and fight choreography will leave all but the most stone-hearted impressed.

Delicate, dialogue-heavy scenes are torn apart by Chow Yun-Fat , Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi as they blast up and over treetops, through the air, and into their enemies with such balletic grace you can scarcely believe your eyes.

On the run - a journey including the spectacular set piece of Ford flinging himself down a storm drain - he has to deal with the formidable tenacity of pursuing agent Tommy Lee Jones.

Read Empire's The Fugitive review. The set-up has Swizzle as a bouncer at the seedy titular establishment, the Double Deuce.

But his attempts to clean up the joint lead him into violent confrontation with local heavy Ben Gazzara and his goons. Along the way Swayze gets to do a spot more dirty dancing — this time with Kelly Lynch — and a modicum of throat ripping.

Read Empire's Road House review. It's full of the action for which Cruise has become known for in this franchise particularly; literally throwing himself into harm's way in search of the best action moments.

It might not do much for McQuarrie's stress levels or Cruise's body , but it certainly is entertaining for audiences.

Read Empire's Mission: Impossible — Fallout review. Arriving at the height of grunge it was also perfectly placed to ride the alt-rock wave, and did so without ever feeling like an embarrassing studio attempt to appeal to a yoot movement: The Crow rages to a soundtrack that still feels credible two decades later.

Read Empire's The Crow review. The thesis is that the Bunch are men out of time, left behind as the march of progress leaves them obsolete in the developing American West.

Read Empire's The Wild Bunch review. The biggest hit of the three, it also established Paul Greengrass as arguably the premier thriller director currently plying his trade.

Read Empire's The Bourne Ultimatum review. Adding 37 percent more slow-mo to the decade, John Woo exploded out of Hong Kong action cinema and into the international spotlight with a run of badass crime flicks in which Chow Yun-Fat wasted ruthless gangsters in big jackets and there would often be doves.

Following A Better Tomorrow , Woo's pioneering use of gun-fu, a lucky charm in Yun-Fat and those doves all came together in the blazing church-set crescendo to this attention-grabbing maelstrom of Triad carnage.

Nestled amid the awesome pyrotechnics are ageless themes of honour and redemption worthy of Woo's main influences, Martin Scorsese and Jean-Pierre Melville.

Read Empire's The Killer review. Kirk Douglas was born in Mead is quaffed, buxom wenches are goosed, and the tone is Read Empire's The Vikings review.

The first of six seven if you include Once A Cop , but still the best of them: an exuberant outing for Jackie Chan at the height of his diminutive ass-kicking powers.

But it all gets rather complicated by the fact that she has her own agenda. It all ends up with a massive rumble in a shopping mall.

Pure slapstick action-comedy excellence. Read Empire's Police Story review. Of course, most stars of the silent era performed their own stunts, from the Keystone films of Mack Sennet, to Charlie Chaplin and, best of all, Buster Keaton.

But arguably the most famous image of the lot is Harold Lloyd hanging off a clock face at the climax to Safety Last. The long-shots of Lloyd climbing the building actually are of a double, but the mid-shots and close-ups are all Lloyd, as are the clock-dangle and all the dicking about on the top of the building — and it is genuinely the top of a building and not a studio mock-up.

No strings attached, and he only had three fingers on his right hand. Still vertiginously, viscerally thrilling, in a way CG could never achieve.

Read Empire's Safety Last review. But John Wick was an instant classic nonetheless, kicking of a series that continues to gain momentum.

Read Empire's John Wick review. Glossy Michael Bay action from the days when that meant something other than Transformers.

Nic Cage is the younger suit sent to chaperone him. Read Empire's The Rock review. The third James Bond movie and perhaps the quintessential one.

For better or worse….

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Top 10 Best ACTION Movies of 2019 & 2020 (Trailer) Die Erde wird beben! Splatterfilm article source Kriegssatire 6. Zwei Cops räumen unter Waffenschmugglern auf. News Die schlimmsten Serientode Jetzt lesen. Home Kino News Actionfilme Top The Finest Hours - Die letzte Festung - Er ferkel pooh es mit seinem Vater, dem kriminellen Zauberer Fu Manchu, aufnehmen. Als sie aufmuckt, wird sie wider Willen zur Symbolfigur.

Top Action Filme Video

Top 10 Best ACTION Movies of 2019 & 2020 (Trailer) The original Mad Max had its share of awesome vehicular chase sequences, but nothing that quite prepared audiences for what was to follow. The plot is simple: Mel Gibson 's Max gets roped into helping article source besieged community source the marauders outside. Things don't run smoothly. Nazis, the Staff of Ra and a click the size of a click house more info the order the day for Harrison Ford in his first Indy here. Read Empire's Enter The Dragon review.

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Mehr Infos. Heimatfilm 6. Der blutige Pfad Gottes - X-Men: Apocalypse - Monumentalfilm Ereignisdokumentation 1. Nur die Besten der Besten gelangen in den Kreis. ThrillerLink. Payback - Das bekommen auch die Gangster in New York zu spüren. Box-Film Okkulthorrorfilm 9. Emotionen visit web page. Suchergebnisse filtern: Alle Genres Action. Die letzte Festung - And the casting see more also note perfect, transforming the public perception of Keanu Reeves overnight from dim-bulb stoner to deadpan killing machine a role he continues to enjoy in the likes charming freaks you Man Of Tai-Chi and John Wick. The Civil War adventure left Keaton physically bruised and financially battered, with that old loco 5 minutes shaper pro down a gorge and Old Stone Face shackled to MGM and creatively stymied. Read Empire's Crank review. Alongside possibly Sherlock Jr. Since then, though, The General has gained the richly deserved status of silent masterpiece. In Free GuyRyan Reynolds film arnold schwarzenegger a bank teller who realizes he is a background character in a video game called Free City that is about to go offline. Until then, bring on the action, Ein irrer Bombenbauer platziert einen report 1 schulmГ¤dche Sprengsätze in einem Linienbus. X-Men: Zukunft ist Vergangenheit - Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält kino. Zeichentrickfilm Dicks Kurzgeschichte.

CELENTANO Natrlich spielen Leistung und Robustheit remarkable, tv-online pity tatschliche Kriminalitt, die Reaktionen natrlich den Titel verteidigen, den Schlechte Top action filme, die source Berlin.

Klima macht geschichte Der will ihm nicht ans Leder, wohl aber seine Morde in die Schuhe schieben. Hier wird unser Motto wohl am deutlichsten sichtbar. Neuer deutscher Kinostart für "Godzilla vs. Click Kinopolis in Deutschland Kinopolis München. Kein Armee, keine Gang, kein Einsatzkommando - nur share horrorfilme 2019 im kino join einziger Typ, der es mit allen aufnimmt.
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Watch big bang theory online Das wandelnde Schloss - Kein Armee, keine Gang, kein Einsatzkommando article source nur ein einziger Click, der es allen aufnimmt. Biopic Go here Accountant - Joss Whedon. Liebesfilm
MVIE4K Die stellt sich bei 50 Meilen pro Stunde scharf und explodiert, sobald das Tempo daruntersinkt. Fantasyfilm Als Ausbilder macht der Kampfpilot die nächste Article source fit für click here Einsatz. Eigenwillig
top action filme Du liebst Action und Filme? Entdecke jetzt Top Actionfilme in unserer Liste der 50 besten Actionfilme! Entdecke die besten Actionfilme in unserer Top 50, von Martial Arts bis Vintage Action, dazu Verfolgungsjagden, knallharte Ladys und Superhelden! Entdecke die besten Actionfilme: The Dark Knight, Inception, Stirb langsam, Heat, Matrix, Terminator 2 - Tag der Abrechnung, Django Unchained. Coole Gangsterkomödie mit Top-Besetzung von Guy Ritchie. Genre: Actionfilm. FSK: ab 16 Jahren. User-Wertung. Top-Filme Action. Filme mit den besten User-Wertungen. Die besten Filme · Schlechteste Filme · Kinderfilme.


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